Celebrating 50 years of Hackney

An audio journey through the memories of those who remember Hackney in 1965,
individual interviews, intergenerational conversations and live radio discussion. 


Remembering '65

Intergenerational Conversations
Newton Dunbar + Dan Beaumont
Two Dalston club owners past (Newton Dubar of The Four Aces) and present (Dan Beaumont of Dalston Superstore) discuss the simalarities and differences of running a successful club in the 1960's and today. 
Gillian + Amina & Dina
Gillian was a teenager in 1965. She has a candid discussion with two local Hackney teenagers about what's important to any teenage girl: parents, boys, socialising and what the future holds. 
Remembering '65


An oral histories project commissioned by Hackney Cultural Development Team, designed to capture the stories of those who can remember 1965, when Hackney merged and became the borough that it is today. Hackney residents make use of  personal memories and inter-generational conversations around  local issues and change, to explore and discuss the extensive changes in attitudes and behaviours in society as a whole over the past fifty years. 


Photography and films 
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Irene + Kristen
Irene was in her 40's in 1965, she was born in Hoxton and never left the borough. She speaks to Kristen a local resident about the changes in Hackney but also in society in general. 
Individual Stories
John Riddick
John Riddick was a 15 year old boy scout in 1965 and went abroad for the first time with his troupe to Germany from Hackney. He is still very much part of then scouting association so is able to observe the changes and similarities of the movement over the past 50 years. 
Stephen Barry

Stephen Barry was 21 in 1965. He was born in Stamford Hill and then moved to Clapton when he got married in 1964. A young bus spotting enthusiast he maintains this interest now as a regular contributor to the London Transport Museum's blog. He recounts what Hackney was like when he was growing up.

Live Radio Discussion
Remembering '65 radio show broadcast live from The Eastern Curve Garden in Dalston in collaboration with Parallel Radio. 


A lively radio discussion about what life was like in Hackney in 1965 and how it compares to Hackney today. Featuring Gillain Lawrence, Moses Moses, Daniel Haeems, Dina Loufimpou, Stepen Manning, Joseph Bond, Newton Dunbar hosted by Lucia Scazzocchio.