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Work/Play Spaces: Second Home

As featured in the Observer today (full article here) Shoreditch based Second Home is thecombination of exclusive members' club and co-working space with a view to attracting a 'curated community of entrepreneurs and creative business'. Residents so far include companies such as TaskRabbit, Survey Monkey Santander's tech fund as well as the more creative App developers Fueled and virtual reality content providers. Visualised.

Founded by former senior policy advisor to David Cameron Rohan Silva and Sam Alderton former Chief Executive at social enterprise and co-working space Bootstrap Companyand Co-founder of street food festival Feast, they commissioned architects SelgasCano to create an ideal or at least much more pleasant work environment, enabling businesses a more 'nomadic' choice, is this a kind way to say that many of the companies appropriating this space may not survive or just more jargon?

As well as the high comfort sound, insulated work, yellow lit work areas there's an auditorium for events by 'leading thinkers and entrepreneurs' a café/restaurant and many, many plants or 'biophilia'.

So yes this does prove that Work + Life spaces are becoming very much part of the urban landscape, but although this space does look beautifully designed, everything they offer appears to be pure aspirational creative agency jargon riding the workspace wave.

Their website states that they are 'the world's most iconic space for entrepreneurs and creative business' which does seem a little premature, seeing as they only opened in November, but Second Home is probably a nice place to have lunch.


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