What is The Off-Shoot Fund?

CULTIVATERS helps local cultural projects 'seed' to culture' grow small with the financial help of small local brands and businesses. We believe that when businesses collaborate and pool their resources they are not only more likely to succeed, they will also will reach a wider community, beoming a more important part of the local landscape.



We are in the process ocreating an Off-Shoot Fund, consisting of a pool of resources (both monetary and physical) provided by carefully selected local businesses (Off Shoots) to finance and support a selection of cultural events in a specific local area.



Off Shoot Fund members gain by being part of a local  ‘collective’ of businesses with shared principals and demographic, intelligent cross promotion and commercial opportunities created through the cultural events they collectively back.



Cultural ‘Seeds’ gain by only having to apply to one place for funding or sponsorship, cross promotion through Off Shoot Fund members and a shortcut to the local businesses they may need for their project.



If you would like to recieve more information about The Off Shoot Fund,
please drop us a line here