CULTIVATERS  identifies and nurtures the essential stage required by cultural scenes/concepts/spaces to naturally develop before the onset of media or financial pressure. This stage is essential and without it, very little would reach beyond being the seed of an idea.


​This stage (Cultivation) isn’t given sufficient importance in the understanding of cultural development. ​We recognise and encourage this moment, detecting and supporting the people who help it grow, we call them CULTIVATERS

​​A CULTIVATER explores potential new scenes or ideas, intrinsically understanding what is needed for that scene or idea to grow and develop. Not necessarily the originators themselves, they play an important role in acknowledging the originators of that cultural seed, ensuring they are not exploited. Originators are often recognised and credited, but alone they may never move beyond their close network, they rely on Cultivaters to do this.




The business of Cultivating

CultivEight is a growing group of creative professionals with a focus on the reprsentation of seed culture and community with a 'growing small' ethos. The aim is to communicate, exchange ideas and resources around the buisness and economy aspect of seed culture and how it can evolve authentically in this context. This is currently being cultivated and meets monthly. 


Do get in touch for more details.