Our unique 6 stage approach to cultivating 'seed culture'

1. Nurture


At Cultivaters we’re fascinated by insights into the people, collectives and organisations – who we call ‘Off Shoots - creating and supporting new and emerging culture – we call ‘Seed Culture’. We Nurture this fascination through our unique, boutique and dedicated Directory ‘SeedTheCity


5. Cultivate


Once successfully through the Test Bed, the next stage is for Cultivaters to help Cultivate the Spaces, Identities, Signals and/or Produce necessary for the new Seed to grow and flourish. 




3. Hothouse


The right Hothouse partner is then carefully researched, approached and secured, that would be best suited and most value the Cultivation of the new seed.



2. Hatch


From this intimate and embedded knowledge of Seed Culture, vibrant new Seed ideas, projects and initiatives ideal for Off Shoots to become involved in are carefully Hatched.


6. Harvest


Once the new Seed has grown into a living and flourishing example of Seed Culture, Cultivaters’ input is complete and the Seed is Harvested – lovingly transferred over to the Hothouse partner with the right Off Shoots that are best placed and suited to nourishing its next stages growth.



4. TestBed


Once Hatched, a careful match is then made between the right Hothouse partner, the right Off Shoots and new potential Seed. This match is then evaluated through a designed Test Bed period that from an early (low risk) stage sees if the match will thrive or wither.