Each circle representes an indvidual voice - to cut through the noise
click a circle and press play/pause. 


Participants were invited to record personal thoughts, stories and experiences around questions of individual and collective identity and citizenship at a dedicated recording booth at The Tate Exchange. Over the course of the exhibition each recording was integrated into a living and growing sound installation. When heard all together these voices were an unidentifiable babble, however by tuning into a specific channel, each individual voice could be properly integrated, cutting through the noise generating its own impact as part of a collective. 


Beyond the Babble is a participitory sound installation created as part of the
Who Are We? Project at the Tate Exchange 14th-19th March 2017

2017-03-14 12.07.06_edited.jpg
BTB instalation_edited.jpg
2017-03-18 11.58.42_edited.jpg

Photography by Giota Alevizou, Lucia Scazzocchio,
Rhett Griffiths 

Beyond the Babble is a collaborative installation and Social Broadcast created for
Who Are We Project by
Lucia Scazzocchio (Culitvaters) and Dr. Giota Alevizou (The Open University)


Thank you to all the participants who agreed to take part. 


Read more about the the project here

All audio can also be accessed via soundcloud