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Bootstrap Stories

A series of audio routes exploring the diversity of people working in social enterprise
and co-working space, the Bootstrap Company building.


Bootstrap Stories #16: Steve Ryan (Food Photographer)

Steve Ryan finally calls himself a 'food photographer'. After trying out everything from press to fashion, he's decided that food and cookery is his calling. Always on the lookout for the more unusual food related stories, he and a group of like minded enthusiasts created the alternative independent publication Root+Bone.


Audio: Lucia Scazzocchio. Photography: Steve Ryan

Bootstrap Stories #15 Ro Rai

Ro Rai and his business partner Dan Mackie created Believe Creative in 2007, working across continents with a partner in India. They specialise in participative engagement techniques in education software, but also have a strong interest in and commitment to community based projects.


Bootstrap Stories #14 Sarah Bagner

Sarah Bagner started presenting her collection of vintage items for sale using themed walls on her website 'Supermarket Sarah'. The idea caught people's imaginations, creating opportunities for her to create walls for department stores, publish a book and develop a space for designers to sell their wares online.


Bootstrap Stories #13 Stephanie Orel

Austrian born, Brazilian drawn, but London based Stephanie Orel is the general manager of Latin American Women's Aid, a charity that focuses on helping women from Latin America and beyond who have been victims of domestic violence. They run a refuge, advice and information centre and an outreach project from the Print House.


Bootstrap Stories #12 Stephanie Pochet

French film-maker Stephanie Pochet and her work partner Lee McKarkiel created the independent production company The Film Atelier, to make documentary films that touch the heart and nourish the soul. Stephanie is by no means a hippy but she does aspire to bring some warmth into London life by connecting people through the events she organises.


Bootstrap Stories #11 Lucia Borraccino

Lucia Borraccino is one of the few people in the building who grew up in Dalston. After a 10 years away, she realised that there was a real need for a fresher approach to childcare for the many creatives working in the area. She built her own agency, Nanny Networks, now employing over 200 nannies.


Bootstrap Stories #10 Noah Fisher

Cycle enthusiast Noah Fisher recently opened his bicycle shop Mamachari on the ground floor of the Print House building, selling the recycled town bikes he imports from Japan. He will also do more general bicycle repairs, a much needed service in the area.


Bootstrap Stories #9 Stephen Hignell

Canadian Stephen Hignell uses his both background in economics and his love of the arts at Nordicity, a company specialising in strategy and economic analysis for the creative and communication industries around the world.


Bootstrap Stories #8 Craig Murray

Film-maker Craig Murray, has become known for combining hands on modelling with digital techniques to create original and often somewhat disturbing horror inspired images. He is very much sought after as a music video producer these days, but is gradually moving towards more artistic projects and a potential feature.


Bootstrap Stories #7 Eileen Bellot

Eileen Bellot was drawn to massage and complementary therapies over a decade ago and was inspired to create the charity Hands Inc. She's a natural facilitator, bringing wellbeing into the community and helping to demystify holistic health.


Bootstrap Stories #6 Ben Rigby

Ben Rigby is the co-founder of Haberdashery, a collaborative team of designers, engineers and image makers specialised in narrative driven design often with a 'light' focus. In five years the company has grown from three to eighteen employees, creating pieces for both private and public clients worldwide.


Bootstrap Stories #5 Suzan Dann and Chad

Friends and business partners Suzan Dann and Emile Cheng studied in Vancouver together. Emile moved to Stockholm, Suzan moved to London. They created their pan-European graphic design agency MOTHandRUST 3 years ago.


Bootstrap Stories #4 Carsten Jungfer

German architect Carsten Jungfer co-runs the independent practice Zector Architects. He also teaches at Oxford Brookes and UEL where he encourages his students to explore and re-imagine East London.


Bootstrap Stories #3 Jean-Philippe Tremblay

Canadian Film-maker Jean-Philippe Tremblay runs the independent film company Doc Factory, with a focus on producing inspiring and thought-provoking documentaries. His latest film ‘Shadows of Liberty’ explores the control and corruption of the news media.


Bootstrap Stories #2 Jamie Elliott

Freelance investigative journalist Jamie Elliott saw the need to diversify when times got tougher in the press. He now runs London Journalism Centre from the Bootstrap building. The website and workshops provide essential information, skills and guidance for any budding journalist.


Bootstrap Stories #1 Marie Gonfond

French chef Marie Gonfond is enjoying the diversity of London, being her own boss and preparing the food that she likes for her canteen style 'a little bit secret' restaurant Merci Marie.


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