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Here's what we know:   
Seed Culture and the commercial ventures that tap into it are increasingly producing the most interesting, vibrant scene, spaces and success stories in London.
When examined properly, all successful Seed Culture always has a key 'Cultivater' at its heart. 

There's a distinct move away from scale and replicated brands towards Hyper-local and 'Growing Small’.


New organisations and ventures now wishing to engage authentically in Seed Culture must embed themselves in the local community first to be authentically accepted BEFORE they start to openly market and promote themselves.


If this rings true and sounds of interest, Cultivaters is now uniquely positioned to help you understand, promote and be part of Seed Culture.


Here's what we do: 

Cultivaters is a London based agency immersed and specialised in the early stage, emerging culture and business  –  we call ‘Seed Culture’.

Report and represent
Seed Culture and the
'cultivaters'  behind
the scenes.

Cultivate and launch new 'Seed Culture' ventures.

Enable ventures
to embed authentically